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College Insights has been preparing students for the SAT, PSAT, SAT II: Subject Tests, ACT, GRE, and LSAT since 1991.

LSAT Classes

College Insights has classes beginning five weeks prior to each administration of the LSAT and a summer program for students who would like to prepare when they have the most free time. The College Insights LSAT preparation course consists of 30 hours of classroom work and a full complement of at least 4 actual LSATs administered as diagnostic tests. Class time is divided equally among the logical reasoning, logical games and reading comprehension sections of the LSAT. Additional time is spent addressing the writing sample. Each section is limited to 8 students who are grouped according to scoring level to facilitate interaction between students and teachers. The fee for our LSAT course is $995. This includes all materials, extra tutoring and make up sessions. See Schedules.

Private Tutoring

College Insights private tutorials are taught by the same dynamic instructors who teach our group sessions. Your tutor will tailor the course work to your individual needs. Private tutorials consist of either 15 or 20 hours of preparation and a full complement of at least four practice tests. Our teachers will come to your house, or meet with you at one of our course locations. The fee for a 15-hour private tutorial is $1395. The fee for a 20-hour tutorial is $1795. We can also design programs for six or more students who would like to work together for our standard course fee.

Make-ups and Extra Help

Many of the students enrolled in our classes are also heavily involved with school work and extra curricular activities. To accommodate busy schedules, College Insights provides make-up classes and tests to students unable to attend all of the regularly scheduled sessions, at their convenience, and extra help for students who would like a fuller undestanding of any of our strategies or techniques, free of charge.


We realize that there is more to being an effective LSAT coach than having high test scores. All College Insights instructors are thouroughly trained in our methods and techniques and have experience teaching students at all scoring levels. They are recent graduates of top colleges and universities who scored in the top percentile on the LSAT and have the ability to make the course fun and interesting. Our students consistently rate their teachers as the best part of the class. The bottom line in test prep is the quality of the teachers, and College Insights has the best.


College Insights students prepare for the LSAT using the most recently released tests and practice questions. In addition to our extensive course manual, our students receive copies of 30 actual LSATs for practice work and diagnostic testing. Other companies use questions which they have written themselves to "simulate" the LSAT experience. That just doesn't work, and may build false confidence. Our adherence to using actual LSATs for our practice tests and workbooks is one reason why our average score improvements are the best in the business. After taking each of four administered throughout the course, students receive detailed diagnostic reports which provide computer generated, in-depth analysis. These reports show progress and help us to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses in order to provide the best course possible for our students. Other programs prepare students for their own versions of the LSAT. College Insights prepares students for the real thing.

Our Guarantee

College Insights is proud to have the best guarantee in the test preparation business. Some other prep companies claim to guarantee score improvement. In reality, they don't. If students taking other courses are disappointed with their scores, the best they can hope for is to do additional work for free. We don't consider that to be a guarantee. College Insights will work again at no additional cost with any student who attends all classes and fails to raise LSAT scores by 6 or more points, and refund the entire course fee to any student who still fails to improve by 6 or more points after this additional work. That's what we consider a guarantee. No other test prep company makes this guarantee. Not Princeton Review. Not Kaplan Test Prep. College Insights does, because our program works.

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